Toy Wheels

Welcome to the site. I wanted to give you a little info about me and the reason for I started a site about the Hot Wheels toys and brand. To be honest with you, this was never supposed to be what you see today.

My son likes cars, so I remember how my brothers and I used to play with Hot Wheels. I purchased him a track and began playing with him.

As I started buying him more cars, I quickly realized that Hot Wheel cars are collectible. In fact, every time I went to buy a new car for “my son”, there was always a middle-aged man like me who looking through the cars.

As I began to speak to them about the different Hot Wheels, they began to tell me about the different lines and that some of them are special. It was then I began to get hooked.

This site is about some of my favorite cars and the different cars along with them in the series. I will provide history about the cars and any relevant information about them in general

The site will mostly focus on the toy car and the Hot Wheels brands, but occasionally you may see some other relevant content within the site.

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